25 Ultra Pretty Fall Nail Designs For Autumn Fall

Summer is officially coming to a close, which means we’re just weeks away from the best season of the year: Fall. Call me biased (seriously; do it), but nothing is more satisfyingly cozy to me than layering on some muted nail polishes that always inexplicably seem to match your sweaters. So get you on my level of excitement, I’ve selected and presented for you the 10 colors you’re about to see everywhere this autumn.

The Best Nail Polish Colors You Need to Be Wearing This Fall. Blue Chrome. JINsoon Nail Polish in “Heirloom” Heavy Glitters. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in “Glitter & Be Gay” Deep Blood Red. NARS Nail Polish in “Jungle Red” Opaque Neutral. Smoky Teal. Black or White. Metallic Jewel Tones. Dark Olive.

“This fall it’s back to basics with classic shades,” says Jin Soon Choi, nail pro and owner of her eponymous nail salons in NYC and namesake polish line. But she points out that in addition to this season’s classic hues, such as black, white, red, and nude, there’s also an underlying modern color scheme including teals, metallics, and greens.

Your classic red manicure is getting a moody makeover with deep cool-blue tones. We’re taking a nod from Oscar de la Renta’s fall 2018 runway show and giving vampy blood reds the go-ahead for fall nails. We love the thought of pairing this color with a bare face for day, and matching with some blood red lips for night.